The following is used as the grading system for Art classes at LHS:

ART  (Intro.)1
50%   How student full-fills requirements of the project. Graded Projects   Working bell to bell. Giving  solid effort.  Finishing work on time.
25%   Work Habit, how a student tries their best. Gives good effort and is not distracted. 
25%   Intangibles. Getting to class on time, behavior, focus on task. How you  conduct yourself.  
Above grade for 1st session Intro. Artists will include an SGO that combines drawing, Writing, and Vocabulary. 

 5th  Marking Period Grade-  Final Exam  for 2nd session students. This  exam  will take you  2 ½ hours. 

ART  (Advanced)
33%   Effort and Behavior:  Working bell to  bell and understanding concepts/techniques.
33%   How artwork is designed (composition), detail, relating to Principles of Design and Elements of Art,  and work habits bell to bell. Creativity and problem solving.! We  will be grading your ability, and your  artistic  progress.  
33% Intangibles. Getting to class on time, behavior, focus on task. How you conduct yourself.  
Final Exam is counted as a 5th   Marking Period Grade.  This  exam  will take you  2 ½ hours. 

A’s are not a shoe-in in art, but  any  senior who has an A average for the entire year, you won't have to  take  the  final. 

DO NOWS:   Do  nows    generally  apply  to  early  in  the  class or  more usually,  in between   assignments, if  I  can  not  get  to  the  student  ASAP.  A do now, is  usually  taking  an  object  from our  inventory  and  do  some  life  drawing.  Looking  for  reference or studying art  books  and other  artist's  works  are  acceptable.

FINALS:  The  art  final  is a   2 1/2  hour  exam  that can  have  vocabulary,  life  drawing  and  creative   work depending  on  art  level  (I, II,  III,  etc.

IB ART  GRADES:  Are  determined through a  complex   criteria, that deals  with  exploration, art history, and your own  cultural  influences.  See IB pages  for  more  depth. 

EFFORT:   For  the  art  beginners, and  students  who  were placed into  this  class  without choice  or  much ability. There is  a magical  word  for you  to  pass this  class, and the  word  is  TRY!  Both  Mr. Devero  and  I, know  who  is  trying  bell  to  bell.  If you try,  you  will succeed.  If  you  don't  you  will NOT  get  credit for  this  class.  It  takes  someone  who  is  either very  lazy  or  has  behavioral  issues  to  fail  my  class.  Don't  embarrass yourself. 

Lastly, the standards and achievement targets required for your child  in art  is  as follows:

        To obtain the knowledge  and  skills  to  perform  each  assignment.
        To gain an understanding of real world applications in  art  and  design.
        To communicate their knowledge to others
        To ask questions when they don't understand a concept
        To help others in class
        To respect one another & themselves
        To take pride in their work

As  art teachers, we have over 100 children who have different personalities,  ability  levels,  goals, and  and needs. I can not reach every one of them 100% of the time. That's where the parent comes in and encourages their child to study, ask questions, and try their best.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Ask me questions. Come see me or email
me. We are here for your child and you.

“Well, art is art, isn't it? Still, on the other hand, water is water! And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now, uh... Now you tell me what you know.”      Groucho  Marx